Signs Of Strong Immune System

Especially during a pandemic, it’s vital for all of us to keep a strong immune system. So, how can you tell if your immune system is healthy right now?

Strong Immune System Signs

Here are five of the biggest signs that you have strong immune health:

  • A Healthy Diet.
  • Drinking Lots Of Water.
  • Quick Recoveries.
  • Good Overall Mood.
  • Sleeping Well At Night.

1. A Healthy Diet

Chances are if you consistently follow a healthy diet, then your immune system will remain healthy, as well. The question many individuals will ask, though, is what exactly a healthy diet consists of. Fortunately, there are a number of different ways to maintain a healthy diet. If you are looking to strengthen your immune system, it is crucial to eat the rainbow. Eat lots of fresh fruit and leafy greens, which can consist of bell peppers, broccoli, carrots, berries and more. All of these options are rich in vitamins A and C; both great for boosting your immune system.

So, how can you make some positive changes in your diet to help your immune system? It may be hard to do but one suggestion is to try to work fruit or vegetable ingredients into each meal you consume. If you aren’t getting a sufficient amount of vitamin D in your life, then opt for a supplement with a typical dose of 1,000 IU. Cooking from scratch is another way to avoid any unneeded ingredients. Bad fats, sugars and additives can all increase your body’s inflammatory processes. Make sure your digestion is as efficient as possible.

2. Drinking Lots Of Water

Drinking lots of water has a few links to strong immune system. Drinking between 1.5-2L of water each day can help to put you in good stead for fighting off any future illnesses. Proper hydration will undoubtedly improve circulation and healthy lymphatic drainage. This helps ensure that your immune cells get to the necessary location quickly.

Good circulation will support healthy healing processes. Whenever you have a difficult time healing wounds, it could be a sign of a compromised immune system. Drinking plenty of water daily will help remedy the slow recovery time. Water keeps your skin healthy, as well. Remember, your skin is your biggest organ and the first barrier that bugs will come into contact with.

3. Quick Recoveries

While keeping a healthy diet and drinking lots of water can contribute to a healthy immune system, the most obvious sign is when you recover quickly from common colds and the flu. Many associate getting sick with a weak immune system, yet the real test is seeing how fast you recover from the illness.

Of course, our immune systems are designed to protect against bugs, but every now and again one will make its way through. Experiencing a small illness is quite common so don’t take it as a sign of a weak immune system. If the illness lingers, this is a true sign of a compromised system.

4. Good Overall Mood

You probably didn’t know that staying positive and laughing often can boost your immune system. Your mood can certainly influence immune functions. For example, being lonely will make us less likely to respond well to stress. This, in turn, will heighten the inflammatory process and impact the immune system.

Laughter can actually be helpful when it comes to immune health. Extensive research has shown to have immune-enhancing effects, improving stress-relieving capabilities within the body.

5. Sleeping Well At Night

Sleeping well is one of the best pieces of advice you can give anyone looking to boost immune health. Sleeping well at night has a strong regulatory influence over one’s system. This means going to bed at a reasonable time and experiencing a long and peaceful rest. Down time experienced during sleep gives your immune system the time it needs to repair.

In addition, sleeping soundly can also show that your body is working the way it should. Certain herbal helpers can be consumed before bed for those who have trouble regularly experiencing peaceful sleeps.

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