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Lyme Disease

Once chronic, Lyme disease is hard to completely eradicate. In chronic cases of Lyme, PEMF can be very helpful. PEMF reduces inflammation, improves circulation, diminishes pain and in general improves the health of the cells of the body. PEMF therapy can help with pain without side effects or pain medication. Lyme organisms live inside the cell. PEMF works at the cellular level to restore normal cellular function, allowing toxins to exit the cell and nutrients to enter the cell. Improving the health of the cell enables the cell to better resist the Lyme organisms. PEMF can also be safely applied to the brain. Neuro-borreliosis (Lyme disease in the brain) is especially difficult to treat, since many medical and alternative therapies do not cross the blood brain barrier. PEMF can improve the permeability of the blood brain barrier allowing the brain better access to treatments and supplementation.

Autoimmune Disorders

PEMF is an effective way of treating complex symptoms presented by Lupus or various autoimmune disorders. Muscle and joint pain can be effectively relieved without pain medication. PEMF boosts natural ability of the body to heal and treat inflammation from a cellular level. Debilitating headaches and other nervous related symptoms are treated by stimulation of the nervous system, and the release of natural endorphins. When used on an ongoing basis it can work to improve quality of life and decrease symptoms of autoimmune disorders. Tissues targeted by autoimmune diseases tend to share relatively low levels of oxygenation, as well as elevated cellular parasitism. PEMF increases oxygenation and restores cellular immunity resulting in improved energy and a significant decrease in joint deformation and pain. PEMF can hep minimize symptoms such as joint pain, chest pain, liver, kidney or skin problems.

Improved Immune System

PEMF Therapy will improve peripheral circulation and oxygenation strengthening the body’s natural resistance. Every human works hard enduring stress on their muscles, joints and even organs; all of which are made up of the most basic building block of life, your cells. Stress and injured cells lose their charge which results in a loss of energy, pain, inflammation, swelling, stiffness and ultimately; illness and disease.

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