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I came to Jolt diagnosed as immunodeficient and with a host of health issues including back and joint pain. I made a commitment to go regularly to Jolt and within the first week I had relief and improvement. I am now in my third week of going to Jolt and I’ve had a TREMENDOUS energy boost and am pain free in some areas with significantly decreased pain in lingering areas! Danielle is extremely knowledgeable and professional. She truly cares for her clients! Her team is well trained and also lovely. Thank you Danielle and Jolt for giving me my life back!


Over the years I’ve tried everything to help joint pain. Sauna, cryotherapy, massage, compression boots, red light therapy, each had their benefits but nothing has calmed down my lower back and hip pain like PEMF has. The staff is also super passionate about helping you get the most out of your treatment and the environment is incredibly relaxing. 10/10. Would recommend Jolt to a friend.


Well, consider yourself a success at helping me get my knees working! The inflammatory phase in both knees has calmed and I am walking better than I have in over 2 years!


The care and attention I’ve received from Danielle and her team at the Jolt PEMF Lab has been outstanding. Danielle is an intuitive healer and the group has a remarkable knowledge and understanding of Pulsed Magnetic Field therapy. I have found the treatments most beneficial for my eyes as well as for Sciatic and joint pain. My overall circulation has improved, and I have more energy, most helpful for my active lifestyle. I highly recommend Jolt and their healing treatment to give your health a boost. Thanks for today and Warm regards.


I am 6 years post stroke and decided to try PEMF treatment. Jolt PEMF lab specializes in Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field therapy. The therapy creates a magnetic field which searches for dormant cells in your body and reactivates these cells to help repair damage or inflammation. Danielle is extremely knowledgeable in PEMF and sets goals for each person’s recovery. Stroke Recovery is our goal and I am confident we will move towards that goal. I recommend Jolt PEMF! Jolt PEMF lab can also help you with pain and inflammation.


JOLT PEMF will JOLT you back to life, literally for real. I had been suffering from a hamstring injury for a length of time, I had gone to my primary doctor, tried physical therapy, dry needling, massages & other healing modalities and it worked temporarily. After having 2 sessions of Jolt therapy I am feeling so much better like never before! I highly recommend to anyone and everyone who is experiencing any physical, mental, emotional, & psychological issues that you give Jolt the opportunity to help heal & meet your needs!


I highly recommend Jolt. Danielle is genuinely concerned and dedicated to finding a way to help address your health issues. I have seen Danielle and her team for nearly two months. I have noticed dramatic improvement. I will continue PEMF treatment going forward. Thank you Danielle for caring and for making PEMF available to us.


Really enjoy coming in to see Danielle & her personable staff. The PEMF has been a great addition to my self care routine being a body worker myself. Its great to find a place that truly cares about each client that comes through the door. Thank you so much for all that you do!


Walking into Jolt PEMF Lab was like walking into a spa. It was relaxing from the moment I entered the building. The staff listen well to what you need, they make suggestions but are never pushy or intrusive. I am looking forward to my next session.


“Jolt offers and extraordinary drug-free alternative treatment for a wide range of health issues. My wife recommended it. I didn’t think that I had any particular issue that required treatment but was keen to try it and understand how it works. In fact, my right shoulder felt amazing after the very first treatment. My considerable work on a laptop must have placed strain on my shoulder that I was simply used to. The relief was immediate and remarkable. We highly recommend trying Jolt – even if you are not aware of any pressing health concern. Better to repair before a disabling injury.”


“I am a physical therapist and met Danielle at an event last month. I was curious about the benefits of PEMF as I was dealing with my own injury and I am always looking for additional ways to help my patients. I can say that after 2 sessions at Jolt, my sciatic pain has significantly decreased. Danielle, Andrew and the whole Jolt team are amazing people and I am looking forward to combining physical therapy with Jolt treatments to get the most relief for myself and my patients. I would highly recommend Jolt Lab!”


“The day I saw a sign called Jolt, I walked in to see what it’s all about and spoke with the owner Danielle. She is a hands-on owner, very intuitive, and she answered all my questions without hesitation. I have been going through some ailments and Jolt has been a game changer. The staff, Christy and Hannah, are also very knowledgeable and make a great supporting team in a great atmosphere. Come in and feel the change when you walk out!”


“Hi Jolt Lab! Thank you for helping me resonate with the world again and I look forward to trying to see if this can help many veterans I know with what I believe now is the underlayment of the apparent issues they are having. If it is okay with you, I will tell my group (AZ Semper Fi Vets) and also send out the good word to leaderships of the major veterans support organizations in the valley here so they can pass on the great news about Jolt to the larger veteran community here. I believe now after my own dramatic results that PEMF can straighten out at least one of the possible root causes of PTSD (alteration of the mind caused by a portion of the 5G bandwidth used for battlefield interrogation mapping). I can’t wait to see how many veterans we can help pull out of their despair and fill them up with positivity about themselves and the future.”


“After my first PEMF session at Jolt, I instantly received pain relief. I understand not everyone has that experience after one session, but the sharp pain in my shoulder and upper arms were greatly minimized and I felt great. The pain-free feeling lasted longer with each subsequent visit, and after several sessions I was fully pain-free. Nothing else I’ve tried has had that effect. Best of all, PEMF doesn’t have side effects or that fuzzy feeling one gets from putting drugs into your body to mask the pain. PEMF is about rejuvenating cells – not with unproven assumptions and hearsay, but with studies that show PEMF works. It is harmless and soothing like a deep massage. It works not only to relieve pain, but to heal. Nothing about PEMF makes me feel that I am ‘masking’ anything. Jolt PEMF lab adds something else. Unlike a sterile, linoleum-walled, over-lit exam room that smells like Pine-Sol, I enter a soothing, relaxing, classy resort spa-like oasis with mood lighting and comfy beds and chairs. I listen to calming music in my room while I relax for a while and take the rush and scramble out of my day. It’s ‘Me’ time. Add to that a knowledgeable staff that takes the time to get to know you and your needs, and you will look forward to healing the way I do.”


“Had a sore knee and in two sessions it is feeling so much better. Great relaxing environment and the owners are very knowledgeable about pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy. Will definitely be back!”


“I’ve been seeing Danielle at JOLT for over 2 1/2 months now and have had remarkable results. I was in a bad car accident and sustained persistent and intense lower back pain- I had no desire to dive into spinal injections unless absolutely necessary without trying some other alternative treatments. Danielle told me about PEMF ( Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy) and I decided to give it a try. Before my first session I did some research and discovered that it is a process in which low level electromagnetic energy is sent directly through your body stimulating cellular repair. This has proved to be quite beneficial for my recovery – it has helped with decreased muscle pain in my legs and feet. My range of motion of my back improved substantially! Her spa like office suite provides a very relaxing atmosphere where you can kick back. I encourage you to give it a try!”


“My daughter and I have visited Jolt every Saturday since they have opened. It is such an amazing therapy for all the aches and pains of getting older. My 12 year old daughter loves how it makes her feel recharged and energized. When you walk into Jolt, it’s as if you are transported out of the rush of the busy city to a far off tranquil oasis. The build out is beautiful, and a great experience. Lastly, to the staff Danielle and Andrew, they are so knowledgeable about the technology and science behind PEMF. They really make you feel comfortable and welcome and want great results for you. I highly recommend visiting Jolt.”


“Jolt has provided great relief and restoration for me on a recent shoulder injury. I would recommend for anyone experiencing joint pain or really painful symptoms of any kind. The facility is very well kept and peaceful. Danielle has done a great job providing an innovative therapy resource to the Phoenix area. Thanks Danielle!”


“Danielle is not only very knowledgeable, but she really takes time to get to know what your needs are and if they are being met. She checks in regularly after visits, is open regarding expectations, and very easy to talk to. PEMF has provided me with sciatic relief after only 3 visits.”


“Yesterday was literally the best day I’ve had since my injury. I had way less pain, and felt good on every level. I iced and did heat as well now for two nights in a row and still today feeling much better in my rib cage. Literally couldn’t believe it!!!”


“Relaxing atmosphere, knowledgeable staff, and you know it’s working when you feel the slight sensation in areas of pain!”


“PEMF Therapy has helped me significantly with my neurological challenges. I feel the healing taking place throughout my whole body. If you have pain GO TO JOLT PEMF LAB!”


“I highly recommend Jolt. Such a beautiful, clean and comforting space. Danielle made my experience wonderful. Suffering from postpartum pain and issues with one session I noticed a change. The science is amazing and I recommend PEMF therapy for anyone suffering with any type of body pain or illness.”

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