Plug In And Recharge Your Health Through the Power of PEMF Technology!


Research has shown that cancer cells function at a significantly lower electrical voltage than healthy cells and are weakened by electromagnetic stimulation. One of the important mechanisms of PEMF is to increase the energy potential of any cell in body. In cancer the energy potential of cells decreases to 15 millivolts, PEMF can bring the energy potential of up to the optimum level of 70 millivolts. The increased energy potential of the cell can help prevent the spread of cancer cells and also helps with side effects during treatment and healing. In 2011, the FDA approved PEMF Therapy for the treatment of brain cancer, and it has been used in numerous other types of cancer. PEMF can provide significant relief from symptoms associated with chemotherapy and assists the body’s immune system after treatment. PEMF improves oxygenation in the body assisting the body in healing.

Our Bodies Are Fundamentally Electric. The charge and energy we need for exceptional health and vitality comes directly from our Earth. Earths magnetic field has dropped over 80% in the last 4,000 years. Our human bio-charger and natural alkalizer are almost gone. When the body’s pH drops below 7.26 we become sick and tired, and when it drops below 6.48 cancer begins to thrive. Our bodies are operating on 20% charge. PEMF brings Earths life forming and life sustaining elements in therapeutic levels.

We need to be charged and we need our cells to hold the charge. PEMF is your new human bio-charger.

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