Plug In And Recharge Your Health Through the Power of PEMF Technology!


Jolt PEMF Lab is a licensed Pulse Centers location operating industry-leading PEMF devices manufactured by Pulse PEMF. Jolt PEMF Lab is highly recommended as a venue for experiencing Pulse and a trusted ambassador of the technology.

“Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies.”

– Albert Einstein


Experience Industry Leading PEMF

Jolt PEMF Lab is all about improving lives, educating, and empowering individuals to take control of their health. We are all about hope and making a meaningful impact by offering the best technology on the market. We offer the world’s only luxury PEMF devices engineered with solid-state power and user-controlled pulsing. The pulse centers XL Pro allows you to experience 19 unique pulse rate settings with adjustable strength and customization possibilities to create precise, life-enhancing PEMF sessions.

Not all PEMF Technology is Created Equal

The PEMF signal needs to be able to pass deep enough into the body (or completely through the body) to do its work in increasing the charge in tissues. Sufficient levels of charge need to be achieved to produce healing results. Much of the value of PEMFs in helping the body is based on Faraday’s law, a basic law of physics. One of the major actions of PEMFs is to induce energy or charge in the tissues. Faraday’s law dictates that the more charge that’s needed, the higher the intensity of the PEMF signal needs to be. If the tissues you need to treat are not being reached by the magnetic field, then benefits may never be achieved, or the PEMF treatment may only provide modest benefits at best. The technology matters. The intensity matters. The techniques matter. Results matter!

Pulse Certified

Jolt PEMF Labs Professionals are certified by Pulse PEMF’s world-class training program to provide a comfortable, impactful, and repeatable PEMF experience.

Electrons+ Guided PEMF

With Electrons, the technician can use their hands to guide an electromagnetic field into targeted areas of the body to further stimulate the healing process. This guided method of PEMF application allows the technician to feel the areas in the tissues that need additional energy to stimulate healing. Electrons+ is like a supercharged massage and feels amazing.


How We Are Different

  • We specialize in PEMF therapy – this is all we do!
  • We work with a whole body philosophy.
  • Our technology is professional grade- the best on the market.
  • We know the human body isn’t a one size fits all protocol. We utilize science, data, and research along with individual approach.
  • We offer diversity in our technology, intensity, and frequencies to support all imbalances in the body.
  • Our sessions are designed for healing. They are not quick 15-20 minute low intensity sessions.
  • We are locally owned, not a franchise.


As Seen In:

At Jolt PEMF Lab we don’t believe in cutting corners with your health. We don’t believe the human body works within protocols. This is why we are called the PEMF “Lab”. We work with a whole body philosophy to get to the root cause of your body’s imbalances. We offer a unique experience designed specifically for you to achieve quick and effective results. Our technology has been seen in Upgrade Labs, Ben Greenfield , Tony Robbins, Jorgecruise, The American Chiropractor, and Paleo Magazine!

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