Physical Therapy For Lower Back Pain

What can you do if your back pain persists or even worsens over time? Here is an overview of what physical therapy can do for back pain and a few of its benefits.

Physical Therapy For Upper And Lower Back Pain

Any potential patients are advised to first figure out why they are experiencing pain in their back. Make these considerations before jumping into any sort of physical therapy program. Many times the root cause of the pain is something very minor, such as your posture either standing or sitting. A sudden jerking motion may have caused momentary pain, as well. Generally, this momentary pain will subside after a few days of rest and over-the-counter medication.

If the back pain persists or even worsens, it could point to a more significant health issue. Problems, such as arthritis, bowel issues, kidney infections or even cancer, can be discovered at this point. It is strongly advised to seek medical attention if your pain does not subside after a few days or so.

Whenever your doctor recommends physical therapy, wear comfortable clothing to your first appointment since you will be doing various stretches and exercises. Physical therapists make it their goal to assess your posture, range of motion, pressure points and how much strength you have in your back. These assessments help them decide exactly how to implement a plan for your situation.

What To Expect At Physical Therapy

If you are a first-time patient, you may not know exactly what to expect heading into PT. Here are a few things you will be doing at the appointments:

Back Pain

Physical Therapy Benefits

What kind of benefits can one expect after undergoing physical therapy for back pain? Here are a few:

Decreased Pain: The most desired outcome of PT is, of course, decreased back pain. PT will look at your gait (the way you move when walking, running, etc), which allows the professionals to determine the exercises that will best relieve pain.

Restored Mobility: Physical therapists will look for the root cause of your discomfort. For example, if your back muscles are weakened, therapists will target exercises to help you recover full range of motion in the area(s).

Personalized Care: One of the biggest benefits of PT is that each therapist will take care of your specific needs. Taking into account things like age, lifestyle and weight, therapists will formulate an exercise plan just for you.

Might Eliminate Need For Surgery: For anyone looking to avoid surgery, PT is the way to go. PT is the best proactive way to prevent surgery, which should only be considered the last resort.

Alternative Physical Therapy For Back Pain

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) is a type of therapy that nurtures cellular communication. This therapy will in turn enhance self-healing and overall wellness. Recently, PEMF has become increasingly popular for chronic and autoimmune disease states. Typically, patients that opt for PEMF therapy are ones that suffer from infectious disease, Lyme, autoimmune disease and other various injuries.

Cellular communication, which is crucial for the body’s adaptation/regulation processes, helps maintain overall health. This will also help dealing with diseases and cell deterioration. Every organ in the body has its own bio-electromagnetic field, and each cell in the body will communicate through electromagnetic signals or fields. This occurs at a rate of trillions of chemical reactions per second.

Whenever these communication exchanges are blocked or disrupted, cells, organs and tissues can be compromised. Unhealthy symptoms will then follow for any individual experiencing blocked or disrupted communication.

Jolt PEMF Lab in Scottsdale, AZ provides PEMF therapy to improve your overall immunity, energy and health. PEMF will destroy weak cells, while also recharging damaged bones, tissues and organs. This will stimulate repair in deficient cells. Jolt PEMF Lab supports a whole-body approach of cellular health, and currently offers the only solid state, clinical grade PEMF systems on the market today

Jolt PEMF Lab In Scottsdale, AZ

Jolt PEMF Lab provides critical energy the body needs to make new, healthy cells. It is a place to recharge, repair, and maintain optimal health through stimulating cellular repair. PEMF is the science of creating health and addressing the root causes of chronic disease and pain. Jolt PEMF, located in Scottsdale, AZ, simply gives your body the energy it needs to support its own natural healing. Our mission is to transform your health, body, and energy and that through results, PEMF will become the future of healthcare. Contact us for a free consultation today!

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