Plug In And Recharge Your Health Through the Power of PEMF Technology!


The number one sign that your cells need energy support is pain. Pain and fatigue are your body’s cry for help — it’s how your body gets your attention. Pathology in the body is always preceded by a drop in cellular charge.

Why PEMF Works For Pain

PEMF energy is particularly drawn to areas experiencing chronic pain and inflammation. People who have failed to find relief from other modalities, or are looking for alternatives to drugs or surgery, will often find relief using PEMF. The increase in energy promotes a natural reaction that regenerates and enhances the efficiency of the cell’s function. Pain management is the most common applications of PEMF Therapy including acute or chronic pain, vascular, musculoskeletal, and neuropathic pain. PEMF helps to address both pain perception (pain blocking) and the cause of pain itself (pain reduction).

Almost every disease condition is due to mitochondrial dysfunction. PEMF disrupts the cell metabolism which is where the damage to your cells occurs. PEMF activates your body’s healing response providing your cells with the energy they need to repair. 99% of the time the root cause of the pain is not the area where the physical pain is felt. PEMF works at the root cause of pain and inflammation providing symptomatic pain relief as well as addressing the underlying issue causing the pain.

Common Conditions PEMF Supports


Chronic & Acute Pain

PEMF can be extremely helpful for those experiencing acute pain, as well as those with chronic issues. PEMF immediately decreases inflammation by up to 75 percent. Clients typically start feeling an improvement in pain or range of motion in just a few sessions. PEMF Therapy provides not only short-term pain relief, but also long-term pain relief and true healing benefits. Inflammation is a cascade of physiologic processes initiated by the body to repair cellular damage in tissues by increasing the blood flow to the damaged area and increasing the number of good inflammatory cells. Chronic inflammation is frequently a cause of chronic pain and acute pain often turns into chronic pain. PEMF therapy has been found to effectively reduce chronic, damaging inflammation. All cells in our bodies have a life cycle – some are replaced daily, others weekly, others annually, and some only every 7 years. It is an important aspect of health maintenance that we ensure new cells are ‘born’ into a healthy tissue environment. It is equally important that old cells die, as they should. This is the cycle of life, and PEMF Therapy can help keep the cycle running smoothly.

Fractures & Healing

PEMF pass through the entire body – even the bones promoting a deeper healing. PEMF works to repair bones, whether they are damaged by surgery, injury, or disease, and have been found to improve bone regeneration with conditions such as osteoporosis and osteopenia. PEMF is FDA approved for nonunion fractures and delayed healing fractures. PEMF Therapy speeds healing helping cells regenerate more quickly and increases your range of motion after an injury. It is best to start utilizing PEMF as soon as possible in the case of fractures for faster healing.

Joint Pain

For those with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and gout, PEMF can decrease inflammation in the affected joints, reduce pain, slow progression, and improve mobility. PEMF is effective for knees, elbows, hands, feet, and more. By kick-starting the cellular repair process which also improves hormonal functions, the pain is taken care of naturally at a cellular level due to healing of the underlying condition.


​PEMF acts to charge the cells in the body. PEMF is a supercharger for the cells, increasing production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate). The more ATP you produce the more efficient the body is at increasing oxygenation, enhancing circulation, promoting hydration, facilitating detoxification, and gaining a better overall absorption of nutrients.This is especially important in diabetic and chemotherapy patients who often suffer from neuropathy. PEMF is non-invasive and can work to make medication more effective.

Plantar Fasciitis

PEMF therapy has proven to be very effective at reducing the pain of plantar fasciitis by aiding in the healing of the tendons and fascia of the foot. PEMF eases the muscular tightness that contributes to the condition and decreases inflammation at a cellular level for long pain relief.

Tennis & Golfers Elbow

Medial epicondylitis (golfers elbow) and lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow) are both common injuries and can be very painful.​ Repetitive and overuse activities like the golf or tennis swing cause excessive pulling on the tendons on the elbow which leads to pain on the elbow joint itself. This causes the cells inside of the tendons in the arm to create scar tissue. The body reacts to pulling of tendons by laying down more scar tissue to help with tendons to become stable. When the scar tissue continues to be strained and re-injured then no healing can take place. Overtime this causes more weakening of the elbow joint and even more pain. PEMF is an effective therapy that will aid the elbow joint to help the body itself to heal faster. PEMF therapy energizes the cells inside the body, which make up all of our tissues like tendons and ligaments, to a higher energy level.

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