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Benefits of PEMF for Cardiovascular Health

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy can improve heart health both directly and indirectly. Stress increases the risk for heart disease. Not only can stress raise your blood pressure, but extreme stress can also lead to cardiovascular events. People often cope with stress in ways that can increase the risk for heart disease: overeating, drinking, and smoking. PEMF is commonly used to reduce stress. PEMF therapy is also approved by the FDA as a treatment for anxiety and depression. Sedentary living is a major contributor to heart disease. Staying active is the only way to combat sedentary living, and PEMF therapy can help you stay active. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy improves mobility and range of motion. PEMF therapy also reduces pain, swelling, and inflammation.Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy oxygenates the cells and improves oxygen distribution through the cardiovascular system. It promotes wellness, and it’s used to prevent, delay, or reduce the symptoms of a number of physiological conditions. Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy promotes good cell health and proper cellular function. Numerous studies have identified ways that PEMF therapy can improve heart health, and PEMF therapy for heart health has the added advantage of being both drug-free and non-invasive.

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