Functional Medicine Vs Conventional Medicine

What are the differences between functional and conventional medicine?

Conventional Medicine Vs Functional Medicine Differences

Functional medicine continues to become more mainstream nowadays. It is a safe and effective approach of delivering personalized care to patients. The focus of functional medicine is on the process by which a conditions develops instead of on the disease itself. Conventional medicine, meanwhile, looks at the whole scope, from diagnosis all the way to treatment.

Yes, there are a few overlapping elements tied to both conventional and functional medicine. Both forms come to a diagnosis and therapeutic intervention, yet conclusions are made from different angles. Conventional medicine will approach an illness with specific diagnosed conditions based on understandings and therapies. Surgery and/or drugs are then used as treatment. Depending on the disease, conventional medicine may also look at family history.

With functional medicine, the patient will be assessed through a much wider range of parameters. This includes looking at diet and overall health, as examples. Other factors may include environment and levels of exercise. Put simply, functional medicine seeks the root causes of illness, offering a broader approach to wellness and recovery.

Principles Of Functional Medicine

While functional medicine may differ based on individual needs, it will always focus on these basic principles.

1. Personalization

Functional medicine treats every individual differently, based on physiological and genetic makeups. Everyone has different underlying factors that impact their overall health. Think of functional medicine as a one-on-one partnership.

2. Science-Based

Deeply rooted in science, this medicine utilizes new framework for evaluating metabolic functions and hormone variations. Essentially, functional medicine redefines disease treatment by focusing on cause rather than the illness.

Treating Patient Vs Treating Symptoms

Symptoms can sometimes be misleading. That is why understanding an individual’s lifestyle and history is crucial. Functional medicine is especially good at dealing with chronic conditions where a wide range of underlying issues could be present. These issues take first priority. Once these issues are dealt with, an individual can ensure better health and wellbeing.

The Future Of Functional Medicine

Functional medicine continues to be more accepted as a mainstream approach to healthcare. This practice is patient-based instead of disease-based. This approach allows caregivers to better understand an individual’s overall health, both physically and mentally.

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