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Whereas it is unclear why the life span of men is lesser than that of women, in the US men surpass women in 12 of the 15 main causes of death. The adjusted for age death rates for men in the US in 2006 were more than two times as high as women’s rates in chronic liver disease (2.1), accidents (2.2), and Parkinson’s disease (2.2). The greatest differences among men and women happened for suicide and homicide with men’s death rates fourfold that of women’s rates for homicide (3.9) and suicide (4.0). In only 1 of the 15 main causes of death in 2006 did women’s death rates surpass the men’s rates and that was through Alzheimer’s disease.

Many years of research have brought about a lot of important information concerning health and disease in men. This new knowledge, nevertheless, hasn’t necessarily benefited them. For instance, men are still not as likely than women to pursue medical care and are just about half as likely as women to seek preventive health schedules or face screening tests. Regardless of public health messages concerning the importance of a healthy diet and routine exercise, the frequency of overweight and obesity in men continues to rise.

Convictions concerning manhood and masculinity can lead men either to take steps that hurt themselves or to avoid from undertaking protective health actions. The male tendency to repress the aspect of need and decrease pain is reflected in lower involvement of men in preventative health care visits and the lower degrees of dedications to medical regimens than women.

Men also are over-represented in a wide range of stigmatizing social circumstances such: 1) imprisonment; 2) homelessness; 3) joblessness and 4) institutionalization for substance addiction and/or significant mental illness. A lot of jail inmates and state and federal convicts are men. Men usually work in more perilous jobs than women, and men represent many job-associated fatalities. Amongst men, those that belong to racial and ethnic minority communities are especially at risk.

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