“After my first PEMF session at Jolt, I instantly received pain relief. I understand not everyone has that experience after one session, but the sharp pain in my shoulder and upper arms were greatly minimized and I felt great. The pain-free feeling lasted longer with each subsequent visit, and after several sessions I was fully pain-free. Nothing else I’ve tried has had that effect. Best of all, PEMF doesn’t have side effects or that fuzzy feeling one gets from putting drugs into your body to mask the pain. PEMF is about rejuvenating cells – not with unproven assumptions and hearsay, but with studies that show PEMF works. It is harmless and soothing like a deep massage. It works not only to relieve pain, but to heal. Nothing about PEMF makes me feel that I am ‘masking’ anything. Jolt PEMF lab adds something else. Unlike a sterile, linoleum-walled, over-lit exam room that smells like Pine-Sol, I enter a soothing, relaxing, classy resort spa-like oasis with mood lighting and comfy beds and chairs. I listen to calming music in my room while I relax for a while and take the rush and scramble out of my day. It’s ‘Me’ time. Add to that a knowledgeable staff that takes the time to get to know you and your needs, and you will look forward to healing the way I do.”