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Improving wellness and enhancing lives is your business, and it’s ours too. At Jolt PEMF Lab, we are dedicated to enhancing all life by offering a natural cellular energy solution. We believe in the power of PEMF and the support it provides to the body’s incredible interconnected systems. We work closely with different Doctors and practitioners to successfully combine integrative and complimentary therapies. We work with practitioners looking for the root cause of illnesses making a shift from reactive to proactive and predictive healthcare. PEMF Therapy is beneficial as a complimentary therapy for all types of disease states, health conditions, rejuvenation, and wellness goals. PEMF enhances every cell in the body by increasing the cell membrane potential. This results in better electrical and chemical processes in the cells and tissues, greater detoxification capacity, and faster healing of tissues. More than 100 million Americans suffer from chronic pain. It is rare for any single approach to be a cure. The constant component of the cause of pain is inflammation. Individuals are looking for an alternative to drugs, injections, procedures, and surgery. Because PEMF therapies work on such a fundamental level, their effects are always enhanced with the use of other modalities.

“Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies.”

– Albert Einstein



PEMF has been found to stimulate acupuncture points and meridians. Acupuncture needles are temporarily stronger in action than magnetic fields; needles with current applied are even stronger. When acupuncture is the desired therapeutic approach, but the patient is not comfortable with the needles, PEMF therapy is an excellent alternative. Since PEMFs act more directly on cells and tissues through which they pass than acupuncture, you can use them together to gain the benefits of both. PEMF therapy will help suuport any edema in muscles, ligaments, or nerves, as well as relax muscles and start cellular repair of both joints and other soft tissues. Acupuncture helps pain almost immediately. The secondary actions of acupuncture on the immune system, other hormones and repair mechanisms take more time to happen and can easily be overwhelmed or reversed by other events in a person’s life or processes happening in the body. This means that with both therapeutic systems, you can expect the primary actions of both to be more active than waiting for secondary actions of either one to kick in. If combining both types of therapies on the same day, it would be recommended do the PEMF treatment first, and then follow with the acupuncture. The PEMF therapy will start any action on the tissues directly, and rebalance all the cells, while the acupuncture will start with the systemic actions. When the secondary effects of both kick in, the overall therapeutic action of each is greatly increased.


PEMF prior to chiropractic adjustments help reduce inflammation and hypertension in real time, making easier for the practitioner to affect the adjustment more effectively. As a Doctor of Chiropractic, you will find that pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy boosts treatment of chronic and acute pain along with your current chiropractic treatments such as manipulation, manual therapy, and exercise. PEMF therapy has proven to not just kill pain but improve function and recovery in a variety of bone, spine, and joint disorders such as rotator cuff injury, back pain, arthritis, lumbar surgery, shoulder impingement syndrome, chronic tendon lesions and more.

Massage, and Physical Therapy

Massage works directly on muscles, superficial soft tissues, and ligaments to reduce tightness, spasms, strains, and subluxations. Both PEMF therapy and massage are soothing and relaxing. They both improve mood and reduces stress. Both reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation. Massage and PEMF are both used to reduce recovery times and promote healing from injuries.

Hypnosis, Counseling, and Psychotherapy

We have worked with many practitioners who combine PEMF therapies along with psychological approaches. Most PEMF systems cause people to become relaxed. We utilize specific PEMF devices which have selectable frequencies that can be specifically used to tune the brain into different levels of relaxation, from light to very deep. PEMFs can be used for stress reduction, and then because the person is more relaxed, they can more effectively participate in psychological therapy approaches.


PEMF reduces inflammation, improves circulation, diminishes pain and in general improves the health of the cells of the body. Once chronic, Lyme is hard to completely eradicate. In chronic cases of Lyme, PEMF can be extremely helpful. Chronic pain is unfortunately quite common in Lyme patients. In today’s opioid crisis, individuals are wanting alternatives to narcotics. PEMF therapy can help with pain without side effects or downtime. PEMF works at the cellular level. PEMF helps to restore normal cell membrane function, allowing toxins to exit the cell and nutrients to enter the cell. Lyme organism’s hideout inside the cell. Improving the health of the cell will enable the cell to better resist the Lyme organisms. PEMF can also be applied to the brain. Neuro-borreliosis (Lyme disease in the brain) is especially difficult to treat, since many medical / alternative therapies do not cross the blood brain barrier. PEMF can improve the permeability of the blood brain barrier allowing the brain better access to treatments, supplements, herbs, etc. PEMF does not cure or treat diseases, however PEMF can be dramatically helpful for many people and should be integral to any Lyme treatment program.

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